About Us

The same cost-cutting, profit-maximization strategies that replaced many small local businesses with big-box chain stores have changed the world of radio.  Music radio once thrived with colorful local DJs introducing new tunes to an anxious audience then playing the tunes the locals requested. Talk radio traveled a similar path, filling hours of airtime with local happenings mixed with local views on national and world issues.

Today’s music radio is dominated by national providers of scientifically-designed playlists interrupted in spurts by a local voice and for talk radio, by nationally-syndicated celebrity talkers.  The “local” is virtually lost.

America Matters Media, the worldwide HOME of community radio, identifies standouts in the community to host locally-focused programs for distribution to various radio stations. Our wide range of programming spans from AM News morning drive and Talking Sports afternoon drive shows to Health Matters with Dr. James Forsythe to Mustang Matters with Lacy J. Dalton.  If you’re looking for what’s hot & happening with the northern Nevada eating or entertainment scene, look no further than our very own Kelly Rush, host of Foodie Focus cuisine chat and Rush Hour Radio Show for arts, music, comedy, and current events.  This is just a sampling of the wide range of programming we offer.  Our show topics range from books and authors to real estate to animal welfare to business and financial investment advice and much, much more!

Most America Matters Media shows are currently heard live locally on KCKQ 1180 AM from 6am – 6pm, Monday – Sunday in northern Nevada and streamed online worldwide at amm.streamon.fm.

Shows air simultaneously on our far-reaching 1180 AM signal, mobile app, and online to reach audiences worldwide; true community radio – local, national, and global!


844-790-TALK (8255) – On Air Call In
775-237-2266 – On Air Text
775-827-8900 – Business Office