AM News

Host: Dennis Romeo

On Air:  Monday – Friday, 6am-8:30 am

Launched in late 2013, “AM News” has been a cornerstone program for America Matters Media.  With over nine hundred (900) shows completed  Dennis Romeo provides a fun, folksy, fast-paced format for the listeners’ morning drive.  Based on a worldwide network of call-in “community reporters” with currently 1,700 US correspondents and 112 foreign correspondents in 26 countries daily topics from local to international are covered.  He encourages all correspondents and listeners to tune in and speak out to tell what is happening in your community.

Call toll free worldwide – 844-790-TALK (8255)



One comment on “AM News

  1. John F Imsdahl says:

    One of the best shows I have ever heard was on today regarding the Federal Reserve. Full of history, facts and players. I could hardly leave my car from 10 AM to 11 AM today.
    As a former co-host on Negative Sit-Rep with Robert Primeaux, I must say that 1180 AM can now be heard all over Reno and the shows are for the most part outstanding.
    Dennis and Eddie have great voices and informative shows. Miss you guys, but always listening in. Nice new studio as well.
    John Imsdahl

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