Bunny Hugger w/Trish Swain

Bunny Hugger Host Trish Swain

Bunny Hugger Hostess Trish Swain

The Bunny Hugger Show Hosted by Trish Swain
Every Wednesday from 9am – 9:30am on AM 1180 & streamed online at www.americamatters.us!

“Bunny Huggers” is a jab at our detractors. Our opposition calls us “bunny huggers” but it’s no insult. We love, hug when we can, and work for the good of our precious  Nevada wildlife. Every week it’s Trish’s joy and privilege to interview leaders in the wildlife protection community.  These are the folks who teach us to co-exist with the coyote; why not to hunt our black bears; why not to use leghold, snare and body-crushing traps; how to relocate a prairie dog colony; how to rescue a trapped feral kitten; requirements for adopting a wolf dog; how to appreciate our honey bees – and so much else about all the critters in the choir sharing the planet with us.

Contact Trish at info@trailsafe.org to:

  • Share information about your wildlife work and to be a guest on the show
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Website is trailsafe.org and Facebook page is TrailSafe Nevada

Bunny Huggers thanks four wonderful sponsors: Nevada Wildlife Alliance; Fauna Tomlinson; Project Coyote; Karen Jackson

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