5 comments on “Conversations From The Capitol

  1. Jerry Mager says:

    This is Jerry Mager. Phone 345 5671. E mail. Stephienv1@ gmail.com. let me know when you want to return to speak against questions 2.

  2. Jerry Mager says:

    Contact me at 345 5671

  3. Joe Hunt says:

    Chip Evans did an amazing job, on your show.

  4. Arlen Carson says:

    I must say, I was extremely disquieted to here Elizabeth Purtee’s comments on the radio, Sunday night 11/12/17, equating the horrors of American slavery e.g., having one’s flesh ripped open with
    a whip or being shackled or having family members taken from you for subsequent sale or beatings or forced labor (human subjugation) with present-day Conservatives or Republicans
    having to pay taxes or attend a job. This sort of glib, flip attitude is indicative of a shallowness and
    a frivolousness of spirit that reeks of white privilege generated racist attitudes.
    A racist, doesn’t have to harbor an overt hostility to, in this case “Blacks”, if you will, just a “blind-spot” an ignorance of others, of oneself, and of the Biblical relationship of oneself to others who a
    “different” and in many cases who are less fortunate materially. Mammon seems to be a such a
    preoccupation with your ilk at the expense of seeing life from another viewpoint other than your own seemingly self-centered,shallow, privileged, and yes, racist viewpoint. The on-air chortling by the other members of the group after Ms Purtee’s unfortunately, stupid comments reminded me very much of the Nazis viz-a-viz the captive Jews. I suppose shallow white privilege has its perks.
    eh, Elizabeth ? And you Len, to sit there and chortle with rest of them….Santa Clara University ?
    Did you learn nothing?

    Don’t change the National Anthem. But have some human decency. Please.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on your shallow, privileged, unempathetic souls.

    Dinesh D’souza won’t be able to hide you.

  5. Marcy Wood says:

    Ack, the people on this radio show are so old and bigoted and stupid. I wish I could at least get a laugh out of it, but they are disgusting.

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