Mustang Matters w/Lacy J. Dalton

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Hosted:   Lacy J. Dalton;  country song writer/singer & Willis Lamm

On Air:  Wednesdays 11am – Noon

Sponsored by Wynema Ranch & Wild Horse Sanctuary, and the Dalton’s Foundation for the preservation of our American Heritage, the Wild Mustangs, and the Burros non-profit organizations “Mustang Matters” covers the majestic animals that have and continue to make the West great.   The show was initial started under another show name back in 2011, but has grown to an online fan base of over one thousand followers.  With their show, “Mustang Matters” panel of host advocates the health and safety for the wild mustangs and other creatures of the Nevada range and geography.  “Thank you for what you do…they are a symbol of freedom,” raves some of the fans.

Main Sponsors:  Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary (, & Lacy J Dalton (




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  1. I called to let folks know about an Equine Sanctuary in California. Home At Last Sanctuary is a home for over 100 animals. There are horses, (some mustangs) donkeys, ponies, mules,and mini-horses, as well as many other critters. All of these animals are lovingly cared for by Jim and Donna Kyle. Jim has written a book which is filled with heart warming stories and insightful comments about these critters. This book is a fund raiser for their non-profit rescue. Here is where you can get the book: https;// I would encourage people to get a copy of this book for any animal lover. Here is a video where you can see the Sanctuary : https:/ This sanctuary can be reached at Home at Last Sanctuary, P.O.B. 4129, Yankee Hill, CA, 95965, 530-514-1439 if you should like to send them any funds to help them care for their menagerie. They can be found on facebook at Friends of Home At Last Sanctuary. I encourage folks to support this sanctuary in any way you can, especially by purchasing this book or sending a check to the address above! The horses thank you!

  2. Judi Nail says:

    I love Lacy J Dalton & horses, couldn’t make concert in lindsay but bought a ticket any way, hope it helps!

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