Rush Hour Radio Show w/Kelly Rush & Friends

Tune in every evening during, you guessed it, rush hour!  Now happening every day from 5pm to 6pm with your hosts Kelly Rush, Pat Shillito, Joe Soldano, and Craig Moss giving you the latest in current events, news of the day, comedy, and basically whatever the heck we want.  And more importantly, what YOU want, so please call us toll free worldwide at 844-790-TALK (8255) or text 775-237-2266, or just stop by the station at the Reno Town Mall on your way home and join us on air!  We can order a pizza from Round Table across the hall and everything, it’ll be a party!  Remember, every day, Monday through Friday from 5pm to 6pm on KCKQ 1180AM in northern Nevada, and streamed online at

Check us out on Facebook at and even on Twitter @renorushhour.

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