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America Matters with Eddie Floyd, hosted by Founder of World Matters Inc., Floyd, doing business as World Matters Media and America Matters Media, began his media career in television on FOX, hosting the Saturday night late movie with 25 minutes of breaks.  Mr. Radio, Bob Carroll then asked Eddie to do a radio show at KSRN Radio in Reno, Nevada.  The original show was called “Wheel Estate” and was sponsored by U.S. Realty, the number one Manufactured Home Business in Nevada, and also owned by Floyd.  It was during a show that then Secretary of State for Nevada, Dean Heller mentioned to him that the name should be changed to Nevada Matters.  Heller went on to eventually become a U.S. Senator for Nevada and Eddie founded the Corporation and moved it into the Park Lane Mall, becoming the first host to do shows from a Mall, instead of a radio station.  Eventually KBDB, 1400 AM was leased and also operated out of the Mall.  Sponsored by 3 major casinos in the Reno/Sparks area, the show soon became #1 in the State and was extremely popular with the listeners.  Originally Eddie was a “Right Wing” talk show hosts but later decided he wanted his listeners to hear both sides of the aisle’s opinions as well as learn about their community, State and Nation.  Thus, America Matters with Eddie Floyd was created to accomplish this goal.  Eddie welcomes comments and ideas at email, or call him anytime at 775-384-4444.  He loves interacting with his listeners, so get in touch with him after or during the show on Worldwide!

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