Dizzy Don Show w/Dizzy Don Roberts

The Dizzy Don Show with host Dizzy Don Roberts
12pm – 2pm

Hi everyone, and welcome to my Webpage here at The Home of Community Radio, America Matters Media.
My show is the “Classic Country Café,” or just “Country Café,” and I spin the songs every Saturday from noon to 2pm.  The Café’s format covers about five decades from 1945 to 1995.  I sometimes feature older and newer Classics around those years.
I work with my engineer, Freddo, who is working on his Engineering Master’s Degree, and keeps things humming back in his broadcast booth.  He helps put my show together and sends me some tidbits for me to read from my computer screen.
Some of the features on the Café include a Featured Country Artist, the Top Four Country Hits from a certain year, Horoscopes, a look back at a big event in sports, and much more.  I accept requests from those who write to me at my E-mail address, dizzydon30@gmail.com.
In 2006, I was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame.  I’ve been twice nominated for the Country Music Broadcasters Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN, but never made the cut.  I’m happy to be in the Nevada Hall and at least nominated for the one in Nashville.
Here’s a biographical sketch of my tenure in broadcasting.  Like many in my profession, I adopted a show biz name early on, becoming Dizzy Don Roberts back in the late 1950s. While I was still in high school, a Country DJ named Cactus Tom allowed me to visit his show to learn how a “pro” spins records.
I took what I learned from Cactus and did my own practice show at home, calling myself “Doctor Rhythm, Disc-Jockey Extraordinaire.”  I drove my family nuts, possibly because of my emulating Cactus’ habit of breaking records he didn’t like on the air.
Much of my interest in radio began in my high school years, and in1955 I was fortunate to work afterschool for Jerry Cobb at KNEV-FM.  Although I didn’t get paid, I did gain some experience which I found later was vital in getting a job at a radio station.
In the spring of 1957, I was the only station employee who lived south of the Truckee River when it flooded. I worked a straight 26 hours on the air, broadcasting any news I could get and playing some of the station’s records. I stayed with Jerry and KNEV until I graduated and enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve.
I returned from Army training in 1958 and began working nights for radio KDOT, which at the time was the #1 station in Reno, programming Top 40 Hits and Standards. There I met Bob Carroll, who I will admit, became my model for how to run a music and news operation.  One of my biggest thrills was an impromptu interview with Olympic Champion, Jesse Owens.
I left KDOT and began my college studies in Reno, working part-time for Bob Stoddard at KBET radio. Bob sponsored my membership in the Sierra-Nevada Sportswriters and Broadcasters Association. He used me from time to time to work basketball and baseball broadcasts, where I learned a lot about play-by-play.
During the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, I worked part-time for KTHO in Truckee, broadcasting music and highlights from the Games. After my marriage to my beloved Penny, we moved to Fallon where I worked for a local bank and part-timed at KVLV AM/FM in 1964, spending 30 weekend years playing Country Music (which is now Classic Country) and reading live news.  Then, it was on to KHWG, also in Fallon, working for Dee Gregory for six years as a DJ and Music Director.   At the time, “The HAWG” was Nevada’s #1 Classic Country Music Station.
After moving back to Reno, I hitched up with Bob Carroll again, when he started a Big-Band format station KSRN, again working weekends. By this time, I worked as a Deputy Sheriff at the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office then later moving to the Sparks Marshal’s Office, where I retired in 2006 after 33 years in Law Enforcement.
Now here I am at your America Matters station, KCKQ, when I hired on with Eddie Floyd and the many other fine broadcast professionals at the Home of Community Radio. I love working here on my “Café” show, playing Classic Country and hopefully bringing some great memories for you through the songs I put on the air.
Thanks again for checking out my Webpage here at KCKQ, and we’ll see you soon on the radio.  Yours truly, Ol’ Ma Robert’s kid,
-Dizzy Don