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The Nevada Radio Roundup is a good news variety show featuring local, national, and international guests. Always live, always fun. In The Corral with Shanimal Lawson and Doc Durden you’ll hear it all, from live music and poetry, to The Coaches Corner sports segment, regular updates on The Wild Horses and animals in need of help. The Nevada Roundup informs you of the finest dining establishments in history, so take heed and eat. The Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Que. You’ll get no fake news or lies in The Corral. (Right) We believe in 1st and 2nd amendment rights and will update as needed.

There have been many special guests in The Coaches Corner. To name a few: Rocky Bleier, 4-time SuperBowl champ with The Pittsburgh Steelers. Chris Garza, National Championship football coach with The Nevada Storm. Diane Chapin, 5-time state champion softball coach in Fernley. Cade Knutson, grad-assist basketball coach & conference champs at UNR. Matt Lagrassa, pro soccer player for Reno 1868FC.

The Nevada Radio Roundup covers a variety of subjects including theology and has guests from various beliefs such as Katt Kerr, Revelator, Ian Johnson, Pastor in New Zealand, and local pastors Eric Moen of River Rock CF and John Reed of Calvary NW.

The Nevada Roundup is a fairly neutral show that avoids national politics like the plague. The Roundup does cover some local politics and new laws. Live music on air is always interesting and The Roundup has had some of the best local musicians including Rich Maloon, Kathy Lantz, Mo Beach, Black Rose, Dale Poune, Big Heart, Makala Taylor, Barbara Woodard, Jack Rudesill and The Reno school of Rock. The Nevada Radio Roundup invites you to tune in and listen in for a great and quite unique hour of escapism, relax it’s Friday afternoon, tell the boss your going home early.

We love our audience, God Bless You and God Bless America! Happy Trails!!

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