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Sheriff Jerry & Friends is a show hosted by Storey County Nevada’s elected sheriff, Gerald Antinoro.  With 35 years in law enforcement, 10 as the elected sheriff, there is no shortage of opinion.  The Sheriff holds master’s degrees in organizational management and psychology and has served his communities in a wide variety of capacities.

The show is NOT sponsored by the sheriff’s office but brings the Sheriff’s personal perspective to matters of politics, law enforcement, gun control issues, and an endless stream of topics that effects the lives of Storey County residents, folks throughout Nevada, and indeed perhaps all across our great nation since we often discuss national issues.  From small town politics to global issues of immigration and corporate happenings, its likely we’ll touch on it.

As we like to say on Sheriff Jerry & Friends, we bring you all the good, the bad, and the ugly from Storey County and beyond.  The Sheriff brings a wide array of guests on the show every week to give the “average Joe’s” perspective of life in these United States.  We hope you’ll join us every Thursday at 1PM Pacific Time for a dose of small-town perspective.

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