It all began with a Saturday Night Movie at 11pm on Fox News 11 in Reno, Nevada. I hosted the show for over one year and had 22 to 28 minutes of break time to be able to promote my advertisers and personal companies that I owned, like U.S. Realty, U.S. Insurance, U.S. Mortgage, U.S. Mobile Homes and U.S. Auto, all located in the coverage area of Northern Nevada. 

It not only was well received, my guests on the set loved being a part of the bizarre way I directed and produced the show. One Sunday, Bob Carrol, who I call “Mr Media” here in Northern Nevada, asked me if I would be interested in coming to KSRN, a radio station he owned at the time, and do a weekly talk show for the station. I jumped at the opportunity to do it because of the big name talent the station was using, as well as the ratings that Bob and the others, like Jack Slothour, Don Roberts, and Lew Gutenberger were enjoying. 

The show was originally named “Wheel Estate” with the main sponsor being U.S. Mobile Homes, which ranked number one in the entire state of Nevada for the sales of Manufactured Housing. At the time, I was a two term President of the Nevada Manufactured Housing Association and helped create the Manufactured Housing Division for the State of Nevada.

Some of my guests ranged from every Constitutional Officers for the State, as well as Congressmen and Senators representing the State in Washington D.C. The original name of the show was soon changed when my guest, Dean Heller, then the Secretary of State said, “You should change the name of the show because all you ever talk about are Matters concerning Nevada. On air we agreed to change the name to “Nevada Matters” which is still active today, and was Federally Trade-Marked by me.

When KSRN was sold, I kept the show going, but was very fortunate to have sponsors like PepperMill Hotel & Casino, Atlantis Casino and Resort, as well as John Ascauga’s Nugget. Each of these casinos would send their various Showroom entertainers to be interviewed by me, and with the monies received, I lease/managed two new radio stations, KBDB in Reno/Sparks, and KTKE in Truckee, California. Both were brand new, and owned by Flynn Communication. I then decided to do something that was never done before by Media companies!  We decided to not be in some egg crated radio studio, but in front of a live audience in a Mall. Thus the Corporation was formed Nevada Matters Inc. located in the ParkLane Mall. We enjoyed several years of growth, including the creation of “AmericanEmall.Us” which paid for 11 members of the technical staff. 

This lasted until legal issues and the demise of the Mall created a 2 ½ year leave of absence, which ended in 2010, and I started the whole process again from nothing. Fortunately everyone who knew the truth about the situation rallied behind the new Company which is now located in the Reno Town Mall, owned by Rob Rothe and Family. We now have been located there for going on 11 years and have an even brighter future than ever enjoyed in the past.

The Corporate name changed from Nevada Matters Inc., a Nevada Corporation to World Matters Inc. with over 40 weekly talk shows, with some already airing around the World in various languages, and more in the planning stages. Thanks to Mr Craig Moss, our Chief Engineer in the past, and a member, like myself of the Nevada Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame, we now enjoy a “State of the Art Studio”, complete with an auditorium for listeners as well as viewers, due to the fact that now most of our shows are both audio and video complete and sent to many media platforms. 

We are now located at 4001 South Virginia, Studio 7, Reno, Nevada  89502, the Reno Town Mall, and our phone number is till the same after 35 years of being in business, 775-827-8900. People are invited to join in the conversation on almost all of the talk shows, from the audience or by calling our 844-790-8255 telephone number, toll free from anywhere in the World.

Besides the cooperation of Lotus Radio here in Northern Nevada, we are now heard on Nevada Talk Radio affiliated with U.S.A. Radio Network. I am also pleased to say that we recently began sending the videos on a couple our shows, including my new America Matters with Eddie Floyd to the A.U.N. Television Network as well. Almost all of our shows can be viewed on Facebook, CD BABY, and YouTube, just to name a few of the platforms we now use, thanks to the creation of our new media outlets by our talk show hosts, and our staff.

Our Sponsors and Advertisers are now enjoying the benefits of all these formats once they become part of the America Matters Media Family. If you would like more information about our company, either Stop by the Mall, or call me personally at 775-384-4444. You all Matter to me, just like America Matters to us all.